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Renovation Cost Guide

Are you considering a renovation or change to your existing home, and you aren't sure what to expect?

Finding the right contractor
For any renovation, big or small, it’s important to get some estimates. Word-of-mouth references are the best bet as you will know one satisfied customer. For multi-faceted renovation jobs, such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you may want to work with multiple subcontractors who specialize in trades like plumbing, wiring, tiling or drywall.
Ask for a detailed written estimate
It’s important to get an estimate in writing. An amount scribbled on the back of a business card doesn't count, and the estimate is preferable on company stationery. The business information on it will help with background checks, and the specifics of the estimate will help you with comparisons. When getting an estimate, make sure that all contractors price out using the same materials, size and a comparable layout. Question those estimates which are significantly higher or lower than others. What services are the contractors providing, and what materials are they including or leaving out? Finally, do not make a choice based solely on the lowest price. If it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.
Ball Park
For a ball-park idea of what it may cost to do the renovations you are considering, take a look at the Pillar to Post Cost Guide Estimate.
Who Do You Call?
At Robert E. Nemish & Associates, we have an array of recommended and trusted suppliers who we have either used or our clients have used and have had tremendous service. Visit our Homeowner's Service Centre for a referral to a trusted supplier. If you do not see the supplier you need, give us a call - we'll likely have someone suitable for you, and if we don't we'll find you one!


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